Thank You

I was amazed by all the feedback I received from former students, writer friends, and members of my LinkedIn groups.

And I heard you.

Many of the suggestions go along with the types of classes I teach, so I’m right on it.

For instance, several people talked about the how-tos:  get started writing; stay engaged; organize your ideas; edit your own work; critique others’ pieces; and write short stories, poems, memoir, and nonfiction articles.

Other people wanted good examples of techniques: description, dialogue, active and concrete language, etc.

Some would like to see resources on publishing and finding an agent, exercises to build skills, interviews, and links to more information.

And lots and lots of you want encouragement for writing in a world that questions the value of an activity that cannot promise to be productive in the sense of earning you fame and fortune.

I plan to post two to three times a week.  And I must stress, I really don’t want this to be a one-sided conversation.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you about new ideas for topics, your writing experiences, your struggles with writing,  great links you want to share, and oh, so much more.

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